Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

After reading many rave reviews of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask, I decided to give into the hype and give it a try. I am already a big fan of the Origins brand, as any or their products that I have tried, now have a regular place in my daily skincare routine. 

Although this mask is aimed at people with dry and dehydrated skin, after reading Vivianna's reviews, it seems that it can work well for normal/combination skin too. After all, even though you may have oily skin, it can also be dehydrated. So I popped over to the Origins counter in House of Fraser, Dundrum.

This is an overnight mask which is designed to rehydrate and repair the skin. With ingredients like Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oil, it is packed with goodness. The Japanese Seaweed within the mask helps to repair the skin, and leave your face feeling brighter and more radiant.

It has a gel like consistancy, which glides on to the skin, leaving you feeling instantly hydrated, like you have just fed your skin a glass of water! My favourite thing about this product is undoubtedly the smell... it is a sweet, fruity, mango scent, by far the best smelling skincare product I have tried. 

I use this twice a week, as the last step in my skincare routine, after applying my moisturiser. Leave it on the skin for at least ten minutes to soak in, before burying your head in your pillow, as you don't want your pillow to reap all the benefits! By the morning, your skin will have absorbed all of the goodness from the mask, and look healthy and glowing.

You can pick up this mask from Origins for €30.50, and considering you only need a pea size amount, it should last you quite a while.


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Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask
Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask
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