Review : AYU Makeup Palettes

Happy Friday everyone!! 

Today's post is a review of the new makeup palettes from the amazing AYU Makeup

I have already raved about their make up brushes, so was super excited to give the palettes a go. 

To create this look I used the eye shadow palette with 28 different colours.  
I love the balance of matte and shimmer shadows in this. I am a huge lover of matte eye shadows, and this palette has lots to offer. They are all very earthy tones, again something I love.
I used three different shadows to create this look, all of which are marked below. 
There is so much choice that it was hard not to just slap them all on at the same time!!

I then moved on to the concealer palette to conceal, contour and highlight my skin. 
This palette is just incredible for creating that glam contoured look. 
I mixed two of the darker shades to contour below my cheekbones, around my hair line, down my nose and under my bottom lip. 
They blended out seamlessly and due to the creamy texture of them, they were very easy to work with and didn't dry too quickly, giving me time to blend, blend, blend!!!
I also used the light concealer(marked below) to highlight under my eyes, the centre of my forehead and down the centre of the nose. Again, the creamy texture gave a lovely dewy and healthy finish to the skin, and I didn't even need to apply a shimmer highlight to my cheekbones, as it was already there.

I am shocked at how high quality the palettes are, considering the shadows are €24 and the concealer palette only €15. If you are a budding make up artist, I would suggest adding these to your kit, as there is a shade for everyone and they will go a long way in terms of professional application.

You can pick them up online at

Have a lovely weekend,

Lots of Love,


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Review : AYU Makeup Palettes
Review : AYU Makeup Palettes
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Rating : 4.5